Welcome to the Research and Ranking Family!

First of all, we would take this opportunity to thank you for making Research and Ranking an integral part in your journey of Wealth Creation. It is a great pleasure to see your confidence in our services and it further motivates us to deliver our best.

We are glad to share that as a business we are growing consistently on a monthly basis. To further fuel this growth, we are making multiple investments in our existing Marketing, Branding and Technology related requirements. We are sure these investments will help us to become
one of the leading technology based equity advisor.


We aim to ‘Empower and Educate’ the investors to make them the ‘Billionaires‘ of tomorrow.

Our Mission Is Simple

Deliver ‘Quality’, made possible by ‘In-depth Research’ and Technology‘, which is lacking big time today, as millions of seasoned investors and 450 million millennials are waiting for it.



We, being a team of visionary and dedicated professionals, have set a few targets
which we aim to achieve in the next 3 Years.

We aspire to be a listed company by 2021-22.

We aspire to deliver the best value for money services to all our clients.

We aspire to onboard at least 1,00,000 clients in the next 3 years.

We aspire to create wealth for all the stakeholders (clients, shareholders, employees) of Research and Ranking family.

We aspire to lead the technological innovation in the equity market investment & research space.

We aspire to be amongst top investment and wealth advisors in India.

In order to achieve these targets and to fuel the business growth, we are considering
raising funds to ramp up our business expansion.

Free Research Reports

Get Free Fundamental Research Reports Worth 10,000 (The above two fundamental stocks are to demonstrate the depth of research conducted at R&R. This should not be considered as Free Trial of our services.)