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A Focussed & All-Inclusive Approach To Grow Your Wealth

Capitalize on India’s tremendous growth opportunity, as our economy transforms to $5 trillion economy in the next 5-7 years, and a $10 trillion economy in the next 10-12 years by investing in businesses that shall grow at a rapid rate with India’s growth trajectory.

super-rich investors

Ideal for ultra HNI and super-rich investors

wealth creation

Investors seeking the best stock advisory service
for long term wealth creation

Grow Your Wealth

Invest In High-Growth

And Generate A CAGR Of 30-35% For Your Portfolio

How EWA Exclusive Stock Advisory Service For Long Term Wealth Creation Can Help You?

EWA Exclusive service can help ultra HNI investors to adopt a more focussed approach of
creating wealth by investing in opportunities in the equity market that can deliver 10 x
returns in less than 10 years, i.e. 30-35% CAGR returns.





Risk Profiling

Risk Profiling

Our research team will provide you with a detailed questionnaire to understand your risk profile.

Portfolio Creation

Based on your risk profile, our research team will create your investment portfolio. For portfolio creation, our experts will use the below framework:

Portfolio Creation

Diversification – 4 to 5 investment themes

20-25 high conviction stocks

Stock weight
cap 10%

Portfolio market cap - $350-850 million

Forward 1-yr P/E multiple between 20-25x

rebalancing strategies

Regular Monitoring

Our research team will monitor the universe of stocks daily to analyze the impact of corporate/ sectoral/regulatory changes besides assessing the company's quarterly & annual financial records.

The research team will also interact with the management of those companies regularly.

However, the monitoring activity by our research team does not just stop there. Monitoring also includes visiting and developing one-on-one relationships with key management personnel, attending plant tours, participating in analyst meets & conference calls. Where necessary, we also conduct secondary checks with other stakeholders of the companies.

You will receive a detailed coverage report every quarter as well as notes for corporate events and rebalancing strategies as and when required.

End-to-end Solution

Complete Support For Your Investment Portfolio And Queries

As a privileged customer of EWA Exclusive, you will get full access to our research and customer service team as well as a dedicated relationship manager to assist and support you with all your portfolio and investment-related queries..

EWA Exclusive - Key Highlights Of Our Stock Advisory For Long Term Wealth Creation

Personalized Portfolio

100% Personalized

10 times Growth

10x Growth Over 8-10 Years

Rigorous Research

Rigorous Research


High-Growth Businesses

Smart Technology

Smart Technology

Investment Methodology

Unique Investment Methodology

Dedicated Relationship

Dedicated Relationship

End-to-end Solution

End-to-end Solution

Multiply Your Wealth With Our
Stock Advisory Service For
Long Term Wealth Creation

An Opportunity To Grow Your
Wealth By 10 Times In 10 Years

Frequently Asked Questions About Our
Stock Advisory Service For Long Term Wealth Creation

Who should invest in EWA Exclusive?

EWA Exclusive is designed especially for ultra HNI and super-rich investors who are willing to remain patient and disciplined by investing in superior businesses and allowing time to let it grow.

What factors do you use for identifying high growth businesses for investment under EWA Exclusive?

To identify high growth businesses for investment under EWA Exclusive, our research team uses the below factors:

  • Spotting high growth sectors that will be key contributors in doubling of GDP ($2.6 to $5 trillion) in the next 7-8 years.
  • Multi-pronged approach for spotting emerging sectors.
  • Economic emerging trends.
  • Studying economic data points to spot key sectors that will contribute to GDP growth.
  • On-ground sectoral research.
  • Collecting key sectoral data points through regular interactions with industry participants to spot trend reversal, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Identification of disruptors or sunrise sectors.
  • Spotting sunrise sectors by studying changing behavioural & socio-economic trends. This entails spotting emerging disruptors that will bring structural changes.

Which parameters do you consider while selecting stocks for investment under this service?

While choosing the stocks for investment, we look at the intrinsic value, business sustainability, management quality, valuation as well as business USP’s such as first-mover advantage, market and margin leadership, relative capital efficiency, regional dominance and technological edge.

Can I expect yearly gains in my portfolio?

This service has been designed for long term wealth creation over 8 to 10 years. Since this growth would not be linear, there may be some years when your portfolio may not show annual gains.

What factors do you consider while looking at the management quality of the businesses chosen for investing under EWA Exclusive?

When it comes to the management quality while identifying companies for investment, we take a detailed look at the promoter background, management capability, market standing - suppliers & customer feedback, profit sharing with minority holders and board composition.

What is the minimum and maximum investment amount under this service?

The minimum investment amount under EWA-Exclusives service is Rs. 1 crore. There is no maximum limit for investment.

What if I wish to invest less than Rs. 1 crore?

For investments ranging between Rs. 25 lacs to Rs. 99 lacs we offer a separate service called Dhanwaan.

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Stock Advisory Service For Long Term
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