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A Premium Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Get personalized quality advice for direct equities & portfolio
administration while making your own investment decisions.

Ideal for HNI, UHNI and Family Offices

Ideal for HNI, UHNI
& Family Offices

Investible Surplus

Minimum Investible
Surplus Of Rs. 25 Lacs

Portfolio Management

Wish To Experience Our Premium
Portfolio Management Service?

Get Access To 20-25 Multibagger Stocks

Dhanwaan – A Premium Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Invest in a highly personalized and concentrated portfolio of 15-16 stocks with the
potential to deliver 4-5 times in 5-6 years.

Risk Profiling

1. Risk Profiling

Our research team will send you a detailed questionnaire to determine your risk profile and define your investment goals.

Equity Portfolio

2. Equity Portfolio Construction

Based on your answers, our research team will prepare your equity portfolio and evaluate it using quality and risk assessment parameters. With this, we will also guide you on stock allocation and investment rationale.

Portfolio Review

3. Portfolio Review

Our research team will conduct a portfolio review meeting every quarter with you and also send you the review document containing a comprehensive performance review note along with clear rebalancing strategy, if necessary.

Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing

4. Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing

We periodically track your portfolio, provide you with specific inputs on Buy/Hold/Sell and changes in stock allocation when required. With this, you will also receive event updates/ corporate actions for all the recommended stocks.

Equity Portfolio

5. Dedicated Support For Your Equity Portfolio

Complete access to our customer service team and a dedicated relationship manager who will assist you with all your portfolio management and investment-related queries.

Key Highlights Of Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Stock Selection

Stock Selection

Portfolio Creation

Portfolio Creation

Portfolio Management

Finest Portfolio

Returns in years

4-5x Returns In
5-6 Years

Portfolio Management


A premium non-discretionary portfolio
management service

Investible Surplus: Upto Rs. 25 Lacs

Rs. 40,000

Any incremental investment -
Rs. 26 - 49 Lacs - 1.50% of the AUA (Assets Under Advisory)

Investible Surplus: Rs. 50 Lacs

Rs. 75,000

Any incremental investment -
Rs. 51 - 74 Lacs - 1.25% of the AUA (Assets Under Advisory)



A premium non-discretionary portfolio
management service

Investible Surplus: Upto Rs. 25 Lacs

Rs. 80,000

Any incremental investment -
Rs. 26- 49 Lacs - 1.40% of the AUA (Assets Under Advisory)

Investible Surplus: Rs. 50 Lacs

Rs. 1,50,000

Any incremental investment -
Rs. 51 - 74 Lacs - 1.10% of the AUA (Assets Under Advisory)

Type : CURRENT ACCOUNT | Branch : TULSIANI CHAMBERS - NARIMAN PT, MUMBAI | Bank Name : HDFC | Account No. : 59275000000001

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Enter amount and pay to Research & Ranking UPI ID researchandranking@kotak

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Frequently Asked Questions While Investing In
Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management Service

Why should I choose Dhanwaan instead of a discretionary portfolio management service?

In a discretionary portfolio management service, the investor has limited control over how the money is invested as the money is in the books of the portfolio management service provider.

On the other hand, by subscribing to Dhanwaan, you are in total control of where your money is getting invested, and the shares will be held in your Demat account.

You will also receive detailed research reports and quarterly result updates explaining investment rationale for medium to five-year price targets which is not the case in a discretionary portfolio management service, where the investor is given only mandatory reports.

Besides, by subscribing to Dhanwaan, you will get direct access to our research team for any investment-related queries which you may have.

Is there a fixed plus profit-sharing model fee structure available like those offered by discretionary portfolio management services?

No, we charge a minimum fixed fee without any profit-sharing, which actually is more beneficial to you.

How many clients do you currently have for this non-discretionary portfolio management service, Dhanwaan?

Currently, we have around 800 customers who have subscribed to our Dhanwaan service, and the numbers are growing every year.

What portfolio level risk management techniques do you use?

Our in-house research team monitors the portfolio daily, and the investment strategy is revisited and refreshed every quarter.

What stock level risk management techniques do you use?

At stock levels, we use the below risk management techniques:

  • Portfolio 1- year forward PE should not exceed 20 xs.
  • Portfolio beta should not exceed 1 xs.
  • Portfolio diversification across 5-8 sectors with 15-20 stocks. No sector to exceed more than 30% of the AUM. Focus on domestic plays in the sector of BFSI, consumption, auto, etc. and avoiding high-risk segment like global cyclical & real estate.
  • No single stock to exceed more than 10% of the AUM. Portfolio market capitalization in the range of Rs. 35,000-45,000 crores.
  • Only those stocks are chosen in which the daily trading volumes should be able to absorb complete liquidation in 4-5 trading sessions.

Do you use a bottom-up approach or a top-down approach while selecting stocks under this non-discretionary portfolio management service?

We use both the bottom-up approach while selecting stocks.

Can I expect my portfolio to make yearly gains?

We identify investments to help you make yearly gains. However, due to market volatility, once in a while, there may be a situation when your portfolio may not show annual gains. As you are investing with a horizon of 5 years in well-researched and handpicked fundamentally sound stocks, this should not be a concern though.

Can I view the performance of some of your past recommendations?

Yes, you can check out the performance of some of our past recommendations on our website.

In case I am averse to a sector/stock recommended in the Dhanwaan portfolio, will you change it for me?

Yes definitely. As Dhanwaan is a highly personalized non-discretionary portfolio service, our research team will definitely change your portfolio if you are not keen on investing in a particular stock/sector.

How different is this non-discretionary portfolio management service from PMS investment services provided by wealth management firms?

Our focus is exclusively on wealth creation from equity investments by adhering to the principles of value investing, unlike wealth management firms which deal with multiple aspects of personal finance on an individual level.

The maximum investment limit under Dhanwaan service is Rs. 75 lacs. What if I wish to invest more?

For investors who wish to invest Rs. 75 lacs or more, we offer another specialized service under EWA Exclusive.

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