23/05/2019 by Research and Ranking
Which Is The Best Stock Advisory Company In India?

It is said that “Your choices define who you are.” The same holds true when it comes to investing in the stock market in India.

Are you an investor who has been continuously making losses despite remaining invested for long term or a smart investor who understands the value of time and money and prefers investing using professional guidance of a stock advisory company?

Investing in equities is can be highly risky or rewarding depending on your approach.

Becoming a successful investor is like taming a wild horse. The horse will initially try to throw off the trainer and sometimes even crush him or kick him. But if the trainer manages to stay put on top of the horse by holding it firmly eventually the horse calms down.

Just like a wild untamed horse, stock market volatility causes huge ups and downs. Investors who panic and exit their investors in the face of market corrections end up with huge losses whereas investors who remain invested in the right opportunities are the ones who create wealth.

Stock advisory company in India can help an investor to invest in the right opportunities which can create wealth in the long term.

The below pointers will help you to find the best stock advisory company in India:

    1. SEBI Registration

The first thing to check before subscribing to the advisory services of any stock market company in to check for its SEBI registration because only SEBI registered companies is permitted to give stock related advice in India to investors. SEBI registered stock advisory companies in India are considered to be trustworthy and give best results.

    1. Accuracy

The best way to know about the accuracy of investment advice provided by a stock advisory company in India is to ask for data of previous investment advice offered by the company. No stock advisory company in India can claim to provide 100% accuracy. So stay away from any stock advisory company in India which claims to do so.

    1. References

Check for references from people who have used the services of a financial advisory company in India to get a clear idea of their services. Online reviews could be biased or fake and hence it would be better to personally talk to an existing subscriber of the financial advisory company.

    1. Customer services

Finally, it is very important to check whether the stock advisory company in India offers dedicated support and easy accessibility because it reveals how serious they are about their client satisfaction.

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