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28 Jan 2019 by Research and Ranking
How To Choose The Best Long Term Investment Plans For Retirement?
People often scout for different ways to plan for a comfortable retirement. Would it be best to invest in long term investment stocks to build a huge retirement corpus or play safe by investing in traditional investment options?

We have often heard stories of people who invested in long term investment stocks in India and forgot about them only to realize many years later that their long term investment stock generated significant returns required for a comfortable retirement. Wipro, Maruti, Eicher Motors, L&T and MRF are best examples of long term investment stocks in India that have rewarded patient investors with manifold returns.

To plan for a cozy retirement, there are multiple investment options such as mutual funds, long term investments stock, PPF, NPS, pension plans etc. However, every investment has its own advantages and disadvantages. Traditional investment options like PPF and pension plans offer limited returns and hence cannot help you to build a huge retirement corpus. Equity investments in mutual funds and long term investment stocks in India are risky but can offer substantial gains if you have a long term perspective.

Remember there is no such thing called as the best long term investment plans for retirement. The ideal way would be to start with introspecting your risk appetite and financial goals and then spreading your investments across multiple baskets.

Here are a few steps to achieve the best long term investment stock for retirement goals:

Step 1. Create a retirement strategy: When you know your destination, it is easier to achieve your goals. When we talk about retirement planning, it is important to have long term investment plans. For a comfortable second inning, it is very important to work out your retirement age, monthly basic expenses, expected expenses, your pre and post-retirement investment plans etc.

Step 2. Start early: Starting early works in your favour, since your returns would be compounded each year you stay invested. Starting late is disadvantageous, as one tends to give less time to a long term investment plans for retirement deposits. There is a possibility that one may fall short to achieve desired goals.

Step 3. Health is wealth: Even before starting with long-term investment plans, it’s always recommended to get your health insured. With increasing age, health problems also increase so it is recommended to have adequate health insurance.

Step 4. Monitor your retirement plan regularly: Once you start investing in a long term investment plans for retirement, it is equally important to monitor it regularly to ensure that your long term investment plans are on the right track to meet to achieve your retirement goals.

Step 5. Diversify your asset allocation: Introduce different assets classes in your retirement portfolio, as different investments help to maintain the balance. You should select your long-term investment plans for different asset classes depending on your risk appetite and number of years left for retirement. For example: Equities are best suited for people who wants to create sustainable wealth by investing in long term stocks in India that suits their goals, time horizon and risk appetite.

As very well said by Edward Coke "Precaution is better than a cure".

To conclude, planning for a happy retirement can be a huge challenge, but if you save regularly using a long term investment plan, it becomes easier to achieve your retirement goals.

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