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23 Jul 2020 by Pradeep U
Creating Wealth from Equity Investments During Testing Times - Research & Ranking

Wealth creation is not an overnight process. It is a continuous process which requires a lot of time.

It’s true that currently the world is going through a difficult time due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But then just like all other crisis which the world has seen before, it is just another crisis which will most probably become history in the next few months, once a preventive vaccine is out.

In a recent webinar conducted on 21st July, Jaspreet Singh Arora – Chief Investment Officer at Research & Ranking spoke at length about how an investor can create wealth from equity investments even during the current times.

Here are some key excerpts from the webinar:

Current state of the Indian economy

Events that drove the markets up and after the fall in March 2020

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Indian companies have started innovating and launching new products apt for the situation