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Invest On A Monthly Basis in 10-12 High Growth Stocks


What You’ll Get
One high growth
stock recommendation
each month.

Expected Returns
25-50% returns.

Time Horizon
6-12 months.

Stock Feature
Trading lower than the
stock intrinsic value.

Market Cap
Rs. 5,000 cr
and above.

Suitable For
Investors who wish to
encash on stock volatility.

High Growth Stocks

Past Success Stories of High Growth Stocks Recommended Under Mispriced Opportunities Strategy

Date of recommendation
Date of exit
Buying price
Exit price
Gains in %
High Growth Stocks
19th April 2020
28th May 2020
Rs. 1806
Rs. 2361
40 Days
High Growth Stocks
22nd May 2020
2nd July 2020
Rs. 360
Rs. 463
41 Days
High Growth Stocks
12th December 2019
26th August 2020
Rs. 310
Rs. 360
8 Months
High Growth Stocks
28th July 2020
16th December 2020
Rs. 688
Rs. 974
5 Months
High Growth Stocks
18th August 2020
17th December 2020
Rs. 19101
Rs. 27247
4 Months
High Growth Stocks
28th February 2020
2nd June 2020
Rs. 700
Rs. 611
96 Days

Despite an expected holding period of between 6-12 months, the above high growth stocks delivered expected returns much sooner due to their robust underlying business model coupled with partial recovery in the markets after lockdown.

Create Wealth With 10-12
High Growth Stocks

Invest On A Monthly Basis & Achieve
Your Medium Term Goals

How To Leverage On Stock Volatility With Mispriced Opportunities?

Mispriced means the current stock is trading below the stock intrinsic value due to events
surrounding the market or sector or the particular company, which, in our view, are
transient in nature. These stocks have a very high potential to bounce back, thereby
delivering meaning returns of 25-50% in 6-12 months. Under this strategy, liquid capital
that can be set aside for around a year should be deployed. We also recommend
investors to invest the total investible surplus over 10-12 tranches.

How Do I Build A Portfolio Of Best Stocks For SIP?

With Mispriced Opportunities Strategy, invest systematically each month in high growth
stocks and create 25-50% returns in 6-12 months.

Build A Portfolio

1. Start

Subscribe to Mispriced Opportunities Strategy, where you’ll receive one high growth stock recommendation each month. There could be times when you can also get two opportunities in a month.

2. Optimally Allocate
Your Money

You’ll get a monthly recommendation along with the research report, buying range, portfolio allocation, upside and downside potential. You can track these details via a smart dashboard or Research & Ranking mobile app.

3. Grow Your

We periodically monitor these high growth stocks recommended to you and guide you with portfolio rebalancing, wherever required.

Benefits Of Subscribing To A Portfolio Of High Growth Stocks

High Growth Stocks

Solid And High
Growth Stocks

Unlock 10-12 best stocks for SIP that are trading lower than the stock intrinsic value but have a high potential to grow in the foreseeable future.

A Complete

Get research reports, portfolio allocation, upside potential, downside risk and information on entry and exit price range with each stock recommendation while investing in the share market.


To track earnings growth and significant events in the stock/industry, an update will be provided every 6 months until we recommend you to exit the stock.


We periodically monitor the stocks recommended to you and share alerts via SMS, email updates on your dashboard for news/events affecting the recommended companies.


To capture open and closed positions, profit booked/accrued of the portfolio stocks; a fact sheet will be provided every six months.

Mispriced Opportunities

Invest on a monthly basis in 10-12 high growth stocks.


10-12 stocks

Investment horizon

6 – 12 months

Returns Potential


Get 1 Year Plan

Rs. 18,000

high growth stocks

Get 3 Year Plan

Rs. 36,000

high growth stocks

Type : CURRENT ACCOUNT | Branch : TULSIANI CHAMBERS - NARIMAN PT, MUMBAI | Bank Name : HDFC | Account No. : 59275000000001

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Subscription can be started via, bank UPI apps, BHIM app OR 3rd party apps supporting UPI, like Google Pay, PhonePe and Paytm.
Enter amount and pay to Research & Ranking UPI ID researchandranking@kotak

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Frequently Asked Questions While Investing In 10-12 High
Growth Stocks

Is it important to invest in all stocks?

Since the returns will be calculated on a portfolio level, ideally, you should be investing into all the recommended stocks. But if you happen to skip one or two due to some reasons at your end, you can invest in others.

How do you guide on portfolio allocation?

For allocation of Mispriced Opportunities recommendations, we have different conviction levels for various opportunities. Based on this, we shall assign weights to these stocks. So, if we have a high conviction in the recommendation, we may assign high weightage to it. So, for one stock, we may recommend 12%, and for other stock, we may recommend 6%.

Do not take this as a stock with a weightage of 6% would give lesser returns or there is a chance of negative returns, or a 12% allocation stock will surely give good returns.

For example: If your investible surplus is Rs. 300,000 in a year and one of the recommendations has a weightage of 8%; you need to invest Rs. 24,000. This does not mean you need to have Rs. 300,000 right at the start of the investment process.

If you’re also considering subscribing to 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy, we recommend to maintain the ratio of 70-30 or 80-20 while allocating your funds between these two strategies. Or you can invest your lumpsum capital in 5 in 5 Wealth Creation Strategy & invest your monthly savings in Mispriced Opportunities.

How soon can I start getting returns?

The recommendations are based for a tenure of 6-12 months. But, in the case of the event playing up sooner, you may realize the returns a bit earlier as well.

Can there be months where you won’t give any recommendations?

Yes, there may be a month when we do not give any recommendation. If we are not able to zero in on any event or stock, we may not recommend it then. On the flip side, there could be months when you can get two recommendations as well if we come across such opportunities. In a year, you will get 10-12 recommendations, and every quarter you would get 2-4 recommendations.

To ensure capital protection on a specific recommendation, would you also be suggesting a stop loss?

We are looking at an upside of 25-50% for each stock recommended and a 30-35% in a year on a portfolio level. We will try and maintain a risk:reward ratio of minimum 1:2 and ideally 1:3. For example – if an opportunity has a potential upside of 40%, the downside risk would be between 15-20%.

Can you recommend one stock twice?

Yes, if we see potential in a stock because of an event, we will not shy away from recommending it again even if it was recommended and exited earlier. But, if there’s additional potential noticed before exiting the stock, revised targets will be shared and it will not be considered as an additional recommendation. Needless to say, we wouldn’t be recommending the same stock immediately after an exit.

How to calculate returns?

At a stock level, you will start seeing returns as and when we give exits. However, you are advised to give this product at least 12 months to reflect returns at a portfolio level. At the end of 6 months, you will have a fair idea of how the portfolio is performing.

Which are the sectors that you would recommend?

Stocks recommended under Mispriced Opportunities are going to be sector agnostic. We will focus on mid-cap and large-cap stocks, because that’s where the liquidity is.

When will I get my first recommendation?

If the previous recommendation is still within the buying range, you will get your first recommendation as soon as your subscription is activated. But if the last recommendation is trading above the recommended buying range, you will have to wait for the next recommendation. But that does not change anything, you’ll still get 10-12 recommendations in a year.

How much will be the net returns every year considering the fee I am paying to Research & Ranking and the short term capital gain tax that I have to pay?

If you wish to invest Rs. 300,000 in a year, you should keep in mind the following:

• You are not investing the entire amount upfront.

• After the initial 5-6 months, you can invest the profits earned on earlier recommendations, thereby either increasing the capital invested or reducing the capital requirement.

• Even if you pay STCG of 15%, the returns would be in the range of 19-24% - higher than returns from any other asset class.

• Even though this is a medium-term product, one should look at reinvesting profits and earn greater returns in the long-run.

What if a stock doesn’t grow as expected?

At Research & Ranking, we go in-depth to assess the overall impact an event can have on the fundamental performance of a company for which we interact with the company management as well as other market participants. Therefore, each recommendation is based on thorough research and primary interactions. These are not stock tips based on rumours or hearsays.

In case the event does not play out as per our expectation, we may have to exit at a loss. It will be appropriate to look at a portfolio level returns of 30-35% in a year.

Will you be able to identify such opportunity also in a falling market?

We identify company specific/bottom up opportunities based on price aberrations which may be caused due to a. sector specific events, b. macro-economic factors, c. global events, d. company specific developments & e. market fluctuations. Such opportunities would arise irrespective of growing or falling markets.

Will I get an exit after my subscription tenure is over?

We will be providing you an exit on a stock recommended to you even after your subscription period ends.

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Free Research Reports

Get Free Fundamental Stock Market Research Reports Worth Rs. 10,000 The recommended two fundamental stocks are to demonstrate the depth of research conducted at Research & Ranking. This should not be considered as free trial of our services.