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Benefits Of Investing In Stock Market With Research & Ranking

We are a preferred stock advisory company for 10,000+ investors worldwide, who trust us when it comes to creating wealth by investing in equities. We work relentlessly to offer you an unrivalled investing experience and fulfill your goals.



Using a unique methodology, we
curate a portfolio that is designed to
suit your risk profile and goals.


The Best Of Human Intelligence & Technology

Let the best of human minds and
technology do all the research to identify
high-growth stocks for you.


All In One

Experience 3 in 1, i.e. Constant
support, easy & secure payment
options and economical pricing.


Always By Your Side

We monitor your portfolio, issue alerts
and guide you on rebalancing, so you
can live a stress-free life.

Start Creating Wealth!

Investment Advisory Solutions

Helping You to Be Better Prepared For Tomorrow.

We help you build a stock portfolio consisting of fundamentally sound businesses that
helps you create wealth in the long term.


5 in 5 wealth creation strategy

Build a tailor-made portfolio Of Multibagger Stocks for you and your goals

This strategy is suitable for long term investors who wish to create wealth by investing in a tailor-made portfolio consisting of 15-18 fundamentally sound businesses.


- Personalized portfolio of 15-18 stocks.

- Returns potential : 4-5 times in 5-6 years.

- Complete handholding.


Mispriced opportunities

Invest monthly in high-growth stocks
& multiply your wealth

Get access to a portfolio of fundamentally sound stocks where the intrinsic/real value is more than the current share price due to inevitable temporary hiccups.


- Invest in 10-12 fundamentally sound stocks in a year.

- Returns potential : 25-50% in 6-18 months.

- Invest small on a monthly basis.



A Complete Portfolio Management Service To Create Wealth

An offline investment advisory service with personal interaction to create wealth creation portfolio that suits your requirement.


- Investors who want quality advice for direct equities & portfolio administration while making own investment decisions.

-Minimum investible surplus: INR 25 lacs and above.

-Suitable for HNI, UHNI & family offices.

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Our Equity Investing Journey So Far


Years of


Offices Across Different Locations




Life Time Customers





Our Stock recommendations and performance

Everything we do, we are driven by a passion to help investors create wealth in the most effective, transparent, hassle-free &
cost-effective fashion. And while doing this, wealth creation is just the by-product of this process.

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    Returns Delivered
    icon 68% in 28 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 571% in 72 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 81% in 27 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 73% in 40 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 64% in 63 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 199% in 60 Months
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    Returns Delivered
    icon 76% in 62 Months

Wish to learn the best practices
of Equity Investing?

Download our guide to know more about
the best ways to grow your wealth and
live the life of your dreams.

Stock Market Investment Methodology

Our selection criterion are stringent, but our investment philosophy is simple: Help you
create wealth and achieve your goals by investing in fundamentally sound businesses.

We conduct a rigorous fundamental analysis of each stock based on a host of qualitative
and quantitative parameters.

Learn More

Become An Informed Investor
And Take Smart Investment Decisions

Step-By-Step Guide To Help You Invest In The Indian Stock Market

Are you planning to invest in the stock market? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started, build a portfolio and create wealth by avoiding the mistakes and embracing a holistic way of investing in the stock market.

Stock Portfolio | Create A Winning Portfolio Like Rakesh Jhunjunwala

If you are scouting for the best stock advisory company while investing in equities, look no further! Here is everything you need to identify the best stock advisor who can help you achieve your goals.

How Many Stocks Should You Own?

If you have built a portfolio which is optimally diversified, then the chances of success in the stock market increases manifold. But what is optimal diversification and how would you ensure your portfolio is not under or over diversified?

What Our Stock Market Investors Have To Say

We've helped thousands of stock market investors invest better and take the first step towards a
secured tomorrow.

Here is what our customers have to say about our wealth creation solutions.

“R&R services are very good, as they inform us by mail and by message regarding when to enter and when to exit. So we don’t have to take any tension because each everything regarding wealth creation is managed by R&R

Mohammed Irfan Khan
Mohammed Irfan Khan West Bengal

“R&R offers a comprehensive portfolio solution. The all- inclusive study, rigorous analysis and exhaustive market research over a wide area shows the true potential of R&R researchers. Frankly speaking, I don’t fear the bears anymore!”

Dr Prasad Bansod
Dr Prasad Bansod Maharashtra

Excellent! all your analysis is in detail and carry superior contents. as always, it is reassuring to the investors. I wholeheartedly appreciate all your efforts in keeping the interest of your client as its prime focus. you can be rest assured that such approaches would definitely take the company in a positive direction.

Desika Raghavan
Desika Raghavan Saudi Arabia

I could establish confidence in your service due to your In-Depth Research Reports on all recommended stock in the Portfolio with no need for me to make any investment decisions in panic

Dr Umesh Khatal
Dr Umesh Khatal Kolhapur

I am especially impressed by your personal touch, full hand holding in the sense of where and for how long to make investments and a good long term portfolio approach for 5 times returns.

Mr Altaf Rehmani
Mr Altaf Rehmani Pune

I subscribed with Research & Ranking in Nov’16 and as promised, my free Gift Shares worth INR 5000/- was sent to me timely. I found this Gift Shares concept to be really innovative and for customer benefit. All my queries are properly replied back, either via a phone call or email.

Dama Shiva Kumar
Dama Shiva Kumar Hyderabad

I wish to convey my thanks to the entire R&R team for their efforts. I have read your exhaustive Research Reports on various businesses. I can understand that you must have had to do a very intense homework before you could prepare these in-depth reports. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.

T. Udayaraj
T. Udayaraj Chennai

I have 30 years experience in investing. Great features, gives me allocation as per my investment capacity, gives quantity to buy. Number of scripts were on my radar, waiting for right opportunity to buy, you just gave me a dose of vitamin and reconfirmed my thought process. You gave me more courage and conviction to go ahead and put my plan in action.

Bharat H Doshi
Bharat H Doshi Maharashtra

Many thanks Anju for calling and for the excellent customer service. Mr. Goel went through my email in a very professional way and answered all my concerns. That call made me realize that this is a solid Hindustani Company with solid foundations. Thank you again for a great service.

Ram Amin
Ram Amin Gujarat

In the world of mad rush of buying & selling of stocks in order to make quick profit (or loss), your company stands apart. You guys find out the best companies to invest after in-depth research work. When I hear from you or contact you, your nature is reflected i.e. be patient – no need to hurry because investment is a marathon.

Anup Chaudhuri
Anup Chaudhuri West Bengal

Dear Team Greetings to you. I am using your service for the last 4 months starting from 27th March 2017. First of all I would like to congratulate the entire R&R team for the excellent research and picking of Shares. With the last 4 months experience I am very confident on your research and shares picking and the growth % of two digit is very easy.

S Suresh Babu
S Suresh Babu Coimbatore

I feel that the gift shares is a fantastic option and best way to give back to your customers. This also brings confidence into the investors to trust your analysts.

Praveen Nune
Praveen Nune Bangalore

I am extremely happy with the service of Research and Ranking. The Research and Ranking team recommendations are backed by detailed and thorough analysis. They also do an excellent tracking of results and market trends and you are never left in dark. The subscription is worth every penny.

Vasudeva Kothamasu
Vasudeva Kothamasu Bangalore

The timely updates provided by your research team are really very helpful. Also your recommendation of buy / sell is supported by detailed study report which really help us. Hope you will be of great assistance to all of us in creating our long term wealth creation objective. Cheers to the team!

Girish Jagtap
Girish Jagtap Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

After joining you, I have experienced that the benefit of structured portfolio that has given me a lot of relief for managing the funds.

Ramesh Hegde
Ramesh Hegde

R&R biggest plus point is simplicity with sophistication. I can compare it to iPhone. Simple yet powerful and elegant. Your reports are divided into three different reports. This approach make it possible for working professional like me to glance over the report and reach to some quick conclusion.

Vipul Agarwal
Vipul Agarwal

R&R is helping me to identify strong stocks from a huge pile of stocks, which is difficult to scan through for a person like me who is busy in other day to day activities and job. The other added advantage of R&R is that I do not need to track the day to day events of these stocks.

Virender Arora
Virender Arora

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