Customized Research Reports*

“You can double your money if you invest in XYZ stock”. Heard such claims?

People who make such claims are not outsiders. They are close ones like family members, friends, colleagues, etc.

Fortunately, all of them have your best interest in mind. But unfortunately, ask them about why they think this stock will go up and they have no answers. What is the company’s business model? How is its past growth record? How are its future prospects? What about management’s track record?

Nothing. Nobody has a clue about all this. All they know is the name of the company. But at times, their conviction is so great that even you start getting convinced about the idea. But should you act on such borrowed conviction? And is there anything that can strengthen your conviction with right research and information here?
Answer is Yes – there is a simple solution for this.

A solution that ensures you never have to invest on basis of just hearsay, again.

Our solution?

Tell us the name of company/stock and we will provide you with a customized stock research report. Our research team does a rigorous stock market research before sending out these reports to you.

Every Customized Stock Research Report consists of details on:

  • Management
  • Key financial
  • Business
  • Recommendation to buy/hold/sell
  • Stock Research Reports

    This pioneering service is available at a nominal cost for our half-yearly & annual subscription package (for maximum up to 2 & 4 companies, respectively).

  • Stock Market Research - Individual

    In case you want to avail benefits of this service without subscribing to our subscription packages, then that’s possible too. But that will come at a slightly higher (but very affordable) cost.

View Sample Reports

Sample Reports will help you to understand the format of the reports before buying.

View Sample Reports
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Never invest again on
the basis of hearsay or tip.

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*Stock/Business should meet the following 3 criteria:

  • Track Record
    Minimum 10 years of operations along with reported financial statements.
  • Turnover
    If market cap is less than INR 300 crore, then the Turnover to Market cap ratio should be at least 2:1.
  • Liquidity
    Average value traded during the last 6 months (BSE & NSE combined) should be at least INR 10 L.
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