At R&R, Wealth Creation is C.E.R.T.A.I.N – Our Differentiation

Concept of Wealth Creation

‘C’ Concept of Wealth Creation

End to End Solution

‘E’ End to End Solution

Research Rigor

‘R’ Research Rigor


‘T’ Technology

Ask for Customized Research

‘A’ Ask for Customized Research

Become Your Own Wealth Manager

‘I’ “I’m” Empowered to be my Own Wealth Manager

Say No to Speculation and Tips

‘N’ Say “No” to Speculation and Tips

Simplifying long term equity investments. Personalized portfolio tailor-made for you.

Our singular focus right from inception has been “Wealth Creation” through long term equity investments.

The platform executes over 300 algorithms to analyze Risk Tolerance, Selection of the Stocks, Diversification of the Portfolio, as well as Portfolio Allocation of each Stock and then create a Personalized Portfolio of 15-20 Fundamentally Sound Stocks for you.

The model also keeps a 24x7 track of the investor’s portfolio companies throughout the year and provides rebalancing as required.

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We are among those investment research companies and stock market advisors in India, who always advise with a very clear focus on discovering future multibagger stocks in Indian markets Companies with high growth potential, are commonly known as multibagger stocks.

Some of our successes and failures from our multibagger recommendations are listed below.

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in 36 months
in 32 months
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in 23 months
Eicher Motors Logo
in 33 months
Godrej Logo
in 36 months
Pennar Logo
in 36 months
in 36 months
in 24 months
in 8 months
in 4 months
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in 9 months
in 12 months
in 10 months
in 24 months
in 36 months
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In the world of mad rush of buying and selling of stocks in order to make quick profit (or loss), your company stands apart. Calm and cool. No hurry. You guys are finding out the best companies to invest after true in-depth research work. When I get any SMS from your company or I talk to any of your representatives, your basic nature is reflected i.e. be patient -no need to hurry because investment is a marathon and success will come over a period of 5/10/15 years and probably better than others. Excellent idea. Congrats.

Anup Chaudhuri, Howrah, West Bengal

I am Girish Keshav Jagtap. I have been using your services for a month now. The timely updates provided by your research team is really very helpful. Also your recommendation of buy / sell is supported by detailed study report which really help us. Hope you will be of great assistance to all of us in creating our long term wealth creation objective. Cheers to the team

Girish Jagtap, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Many thanks Anju for calling and for the excellent customer service. Mr. Goel went through my email in a very professional way and answered all my concerns. That call made me realize that this is a solid Hindustani Company with solid foundations. Thank you again for a great service.

Ram Amin, Ahemdabad, Gujrat

Just getting started, have 30 years experience in investing. Great features, gives me allocation as per my investment capacity, gives quantity to buy. Number of scripts were on my radar, waiting for right opportunity to buy, you just gave me a dose of vitamin and reconfirmed my thought process. You gave me more courage and conviction to go ahead and put my plan in action. Thank you R & R team.

Bharat H Doshi, Pune, Maharashtra

I wish to convey my thanks to the entire R&R team for their efforts. I have read your exhaustive Research Reports on various businesses. I can understand that you must have had to do a very intense homework before you could prepare these in-depth reports. I sincerely appreciate your efforts.


T. Udayaraj, Chennai

I subscribed with Research & Ranking in Nov ’16 and as promised, my free Gift Shares worth INR 5,000/- was sent to me timely. I found this Gift Shares concept to be really innovative and for customer benefit. All my queries are properly replied back, either via a phone call or email.

Dama Shiva Kumar, Hyderabad

“I liked the personalized portfolio building approach with 5x strategy.”

Mr SreeselvanarayanaVeene, Bengaluru

“I am especially impressed by your personal touch, full hand holding in the sense of where and for how long to make investments and a good long term portfolio approach for 5 times returns.”

Mr Altaf Rehmani, Pune

(Founder –

“I find your service to be genuine and liked the system of long term investing.”

Ms Gira Hiren Desai, Valsad (Gujarat)

“I could establish confidence in your service due to your in-depth Research Reports on all recommended stocks in the portfolio with no need for me to make any investment decisions in panic.”

Dr Umesh Khatal, Kolhapur

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Inculcating the Habit of Long Term Investment in You

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*Refers to our Group company, Equentis Capital Pvt. Ltd.

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